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We hope you are coping as well as possible with this difficult time we are going through as a result of Covid-19. From the whole Pago de La Jaraba team we want to send you lots of encouragement and strength, soon everything will be over and everything will be as it was before. We would also like to thank you for the expressions of affection that we are receiving through all the social networks, as well as the trust that you are placing in us in these difficult times by sending us your online orders, thus bringing a little bit of La Jaraba to your home… thank you very much!

Many of you are taking advantage of this period to delve into your hobbies or passions, such as gastronomy and the products of our land. In this article we would like to talk to you about the Denominations of Origin. It has happened to all of us at some time that on the label of some products we see a series of acronyms that we do not understand their meaning, right? … well, we are going to clarify some concepts.

What does “Denomination of Origin” (DO) mean?

It is the concept used to identify a product originating from a specific place, whose quality or characteristics are fundamentally or exclusively due to a particular geographical environment, with the natural and human factors inherent to it, and whose production stages take place entirely in the defined geographical area.

In the specific case of wine, the DO is the formula used in our country for the recognition of a differentiated quality, a consequence of its own unique characteristics due to the geographical environment where the raw materials are produced and the products are elaborated and the influence of the human factor involved in the elaboration and production. The acronyms used in this case are DOP = Protected Designation of Origin and IGP = Protected Geographical Indication.

If you want to know more about these aspects, here you can get more information:

There are currently 96 PDOs and 42 PGIs in Spain, you can find the updated list at the following link:

As many of you know, since last June 2019, Pago de La Jaraba has its own denomination of origin “La Jaraba DOP”, undoubtedly the highest recognition of quality and differentiation that can be obtained at European level. Therefore, with the arrival of the wines from that year’s harvest, they will be labelled under our own appellation. Until then, we are marketing our wines as DO La Mancha, which has promoted a new category of high-end wines “La Mancha Excellent”, being our red wine “Pago de La Jaraba 2018” the first one to be part of it. For this reason, it will carry the special label that certifies its membership in this select club.

What is La Mancha Excellent?

It is a higher category within the DO La Mancha created last March to which only those wines that have voluntarily opted for it and comply with strict quality and traceability controls can belong.

With this creation the DO La Mancha takes a qualitative step towards the search for excellence among its best wines, with the aim of giving them the worldwide recognition they deserve. For our part, we are very happy to have been the first to be part of this new figure with our wine “Pago de La Jaraba 2018” (you can get more information about the wine in the “Online Shop” section). If you want to know more about “La Mancha Excellent”, click on the following link:

La Mancha Excellent hacia un peldaño de calidad superior en DO La Mancha

In short, the Denominations of Origin are a system that allows us to have total security as consumers about the quality and origin of the products that we consume and that are adhered to this figure.

We hope you liked the article, on another occasion we will talk about the Designation of Origin of Manchego Cheese, to which our Artisan Manchego Cheese belongs, if you have any questions or want to discuss a specific topic in the future, please contact us and do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twiter!!!.

Courage and strength!

Pago de La Jaraba 2018

El vino Pago de la Jaraba catalogado como primer vino de La Mancha Excellent

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