La Jaraba: a land with history

La Jaraba is located on the historical site of the same name, between the municipalities of Villarrobledo and El Provencio, in the heart of La Mancha.


Very few estates, countryseats or determined areas can boast of having such a rich history as La Jaraba, Palaeolithic settlements have been found on the shore of the Valdelobos River that crosses the estate.


This proves that La Jaraba was already a place with excellent conditions for agriculture and livestock, which allowed stable settlements throughout history: Iberians, Romans (possible introduction of vines in the area), Visigoths and later on Arabs; the latter gave it its current name, to be then recovered by the Kingdom of Castile. Jaraba is an Arab term that means “abundant water or drink”.

Pago de La Jaraba: our identity.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the estate became the property of another owner, who revolutionised the production system of the estate, and specifically recovered and improved the vines, olives and livestock for La Jaraba, building a winery, cheese factory and olive oil press on the same estate in order to transform it into a comprehensive agro-food exploitation, with the clear objective of increasing the quality of the products for which the estate or Pago de La Jaraba was recognised.


We are so proud of our products that all of them, Wine, Artisan Manchego Cheese, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are commercialized exclusively under our own brands: Pago de La Jaraba, La Jaraba, Viña Jaraba and Azagador.

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