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Wines form La Jaraba


Productos de La Jaraba

Wines made in La Jaraba with their own grapes


Hello friends!!


We started a new journey in our blog, we had it very stopped and we are going to dust it off a little bit, in it we are going to talk about everything related to Pago de La Jaraba and its products, as well as recipes, interesting articles and news for you to be aware of everything!


In our first article, we are going to talk about our new PDO La Jaraba.

This June, our friends, the European Union has awarded our wines the mention of PAGO.


Some of you may wonder what is a “Vino de Pago”?


Well, the DO Pago is the highest recognition of quality that the European Union grants to a wine in Spain.


It is the highest category that a vineyard can obtain and makes us worthy of producing wines under our own appellation of origin: “Denominación de Origen Protegida La Jaraba”.


The “Vine and Wine Law” establishes different types of wine depending on the origin, requirement and quality, from table wine to the highest classification: “Denominación de Origen Vino de Pago”.


Pirámide Calidad

Pyramid where quality figures are classified according to their degree of demand



At this point, which we all know, what a Vino de Pago is, we are going to talk to you about the requirements for obtaining this qualification:


As established by the European Union, a place-enclave of land located in soils of extraordinary conditions and with microclimates that favour the growth of a certain type of crop, which develops a better quality, distinguishing it from other neighbouring areas because of its personality and its own style. 




 Belonging to a particular area, with its own cultural, environmental, climatic and geographical characteristics, different from the surrounding environment, which give it a special quality.


 Grapes come, 100%, from this unique area, which undergoes strict quality controls. No wine can be made from grapes from another area.


 All the production, elaboration and bottling must be done in the estate, and by the owners.


 It must implement and comply with a quality system that reviews the entire process, from the vineyards to the sale to the final customer.


 Previously it must have belonged to a Denomination of Origin, maintaining that reputation for 10 years.


For all these reasons, at La Jaraba we produce a single-estate wine (La Jaraba D.O.), thanks to the privileged location of our 77 hectares of vineyards, which are surrounded by another 92 hectares of holm oak and pine forest, where an unbeatable microclimate is created for our vineyards, as well as providing the wines with balsamic touches which, together with the higher mineral content of the soils of river origin, contribute to producing complex, intense, aromatic and full-bodied wines with marked mineral notes and balsamic aromas.


Well, we hope that this article will help you to know a little more about the world of wine and everything that surrounds Pago de La Jaraba.



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