Enotourism, Oleotourism, y “Lactealtourism”

El Pago is the secret island, the hidden port that surprises the visitors with the serene outline of the country house, the green blanket covering everything, the generous pine trees that lull the decanting of such delicious nectar. A quiet atmosphere, feeling of expectant tranquillity, and the magic that precedes the daily miracle of the production of wines that are already a cult objective amongst the good wine lovers.


Three types of tourism in one turistic visit. Pago de La Jaraba offers the visitors a unique and inimitable tour. With only one visit you can thoroughly get to know not just about how we elaborate our product, Wine, Artisan Manchego Cheese and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but also about our raw materials.


La Jaraba was already a place with excellent conditions for agriculture and livestock, which allowed stable settlements throughout history: Iberians, Romans, Visigoths and later on Arabs; the latter gave it its current name, to be then recovered by the Kingdom of Castile, always linked, logically, to the history of Villarrobledo.


We also offer visitors the possibility of choosing their tour guide between one of our oenologist team or our cheese-maker.


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Olive Oil Press

The olives are carefully managed and transported to the mill to then inmediately be milled, in which state-of-the-art technology and extreme hygienic conditions are combined with generation of tradition and knowledge, thus guaranteeing the freshness, health and low acidity of our oils.


Carefully cold-milled and with a very careful control of timing, our olives undergo a transformation from fresh fruit to authenthic “olive juice” only by mechanical means.


It is a demonstrated fact that the primitive settlers of La Mancha tamed the manchega sheep and improved the breed, not allowing it to mix with others. For this reason it has maintained its original purity and qualities, as well as its peculiar characteristics, without hardly any change throughout centuries. The result is a unique cheese in the world: MANCHEGO CHEESE. Although there have been some attempts to produce the same in other places, it is impossible to imitate so many and so old factors at the same time beyond the La Mancha borders.

Cheese Factory

Health and hygiene bieng the sign of the identity of our production processes.


La Jaraba centres its entire production processes toguether with our own Livestock. Combining the latest technical advances with the production of Raw-Milk Artisan Manchego Cheese, only possible thanks to the strict health controls since the origin of the product, nutrition and handling our own Manchega breed sheep.


Milking, curdling, whey separation, moulding, identification, pressing, salting, drying, maturing, overturning… a lengthy process with the objective of achieving an optimum degree of maturity for each cheese.


This is one of the most important and famous architectual elements of La Mancha history. It takes its name because it converts the energy of the wind into rotational energy using vanes that crush the grains of the harvested cereals.


Only the cover, which is black, needs to be turned into the wind, so the main structure can be made much taller, allowing the vanes to be longer, this enables them to provide the better work even in low winds.


The vanes were made of wood (looking for to be lighter) and covered by a large cloth which enables the wind to move them.


The little windows serve to know which way the wind is blowing. By putting a little of flour on the window sill and watching in which direction it blew, it showed whichway the wind was blowing.and flying showed where the wind was blowing.


Once we know the wind direction, we move the cover of the windmill to face the wind.


To do that we have the “master stick” (palo maestro) which is attached to the cup and through a portable lathe and different stones situated around the windmill.


The project was born in the mid-90’s with the intention of making this territory a national and international reference in the production of gastronomic products of the highest quality, a little as a tribute to the history of these fertile lands in which successively different cultures have settled (Iberians, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs) who had made the cultivation of the vine (there is documentary evidence that the wines of La Jaraba were elaborated and known already in the century XVIII) and of the olive tree, along with grazing, the fundamental axes of its progress. From the beginning wine was the fundamental axis of the territory, and it continues to be so today.

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Our location

The estate called “La Jaraba” is located in the municipalities of Villarrobledo (Albacete) and El Provencio (Cuenca), with access from the N-310 main road, km. 142.7. It is situated 6 km away from El Provencio (N-301) and 10 km away from Villarrobledo (N-310).


The UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinates of the centre of the estate are the following:

  • X = 538810
  • Y = 4353516


GPS coordinates:

  • N 39° 19′ 44”
  • W 2° 31′ 54”
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