Artisan Manchego Cheese

Manchego cheese is that produced in the natural region of La Mancha, from La Mancha sheeps’ milk, with a minimum maturing period of sixty days. Manchego cheese is made of pasteurised sheep cheese, and the artisan Manchego cheese with non-pasteurised sheep milk, from livestock registered in the Denomination of Origin


Pago de La Jaraba decidedly maintains all the organoleptic properties of the real Manchego cheese, which are safeguarded by non-pasteurisation. Hence our La Jaraba Cheese respond to the Artisan Manchego Cheese seal of quality produced with raw milk from the real La Mancha sheep. Depending on its maturing and optimum curing, we obtain our SEMI-MATURE, MATURE and OLD cheese


In order to appreciate all the aroma and flavour of this cheese we recommend preserving it in a cool and dry place at a temperature of about 4ºC-8ºC, and leave the cheese at room temperature for approximately 40 minutes before eating it.