Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Carefully cold-milled and with a very careful control of timing, our olives undergo a transformation from fresh fruit to authentic ‘olive juice’ in the hands of our Oil Masters.


Our cellar, which is equipped with temperature control system and stainless steel tanks, guarantees our olive oils have lost none of their organoleptic characteristics at the moment of bottling-packaging. The bottling in the property (Estate bottled olive oils) differentiates us from most other oils, thus guaranteeing our customers the pleasure of an excellent taste.


We adhere to a permanent commitment in regards to our Extra Virgin Olive Oil´s quality, without skimping on efforts; we do not shake the trees or pick the olives off the ground, pressing is done on the same day as the picking, it is cold pressed (without chemical or thermal treatment), our oil then goes on to our hygienically prepared warehouse and through a meticulous bottling and labelling procedure, then it is ready to be tasted.