Single Vineyard Wines Estate Bottled

Starting from an over-mature, hand-harvested grape, the elaboration process starts with the priority objective of very gentle treatment during the harvesting, and hygiene and quality; for this purpose Pago de La Jaraba has the most modern production technology, in order to fatigue the product as little as possible and extract the best from the same.


Our commitment to quality leads us to eliminate worm conveyors and pumps from the elaboration processes, in order not to damage the bunches, the grapes themselves and the pips in the process, introducing the use of vibration hoppers in the reception of the grape and OVIS in the harvesting and transport movements.


Once the wine comes into being, we change technology for tradition; the fermentation devatting takes us to the maturing warehouse where the wine starts a short evolution path in French oak barrels and epoxidic resin lined concrete tanks, and in which malolactic fermentation and all the decanting and coupage processes necessary take place until the wine is taken to the maturing warehouse in the first cold days of winter.


Pago de La Jaraba currently has three different product ranges in the market, under the brand names of AZAGADOR, VIÑA JARABA and PAGO DE LA JARABA, which include the marketing of the blended red wines of the varietals of the estate, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and a Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay monovarietal white wine of exceptional singularity.